The Child born to the patient that was hospitalized as a male in the Matara Hospital, refuses Child

Friday, 24 January 2020 - 11:53


The child born to the controversial patient that was hospitalized as a Male at the Matara General Hospital has drawn a lot of attention from the public.

However, so far it has been reported that the person, who has worked as a three-wheeler driver, has refused to accept the child.

He has further requested to facilitate the handing over of this child to a couple that would be willing to adopt the child.

In the meantime, the infant has been admitted to the ICU of the hospital since the person does not have developed breast to provide breast milk.

The hospital authorities have taken measures to allow only authorized visitors to visit the male driver.

Further investigations into the incident have revealed that this handsome looking person had a beautiful girlfriend.

This child was born recently, after the person was admitted to the Matara General Hospital having registered as a male patient.

The person is said to be a resident of Matara.

He was first rushed to the hospital for treatment of abdominal pain.

However, the doctor in the male ward who examined the abdomen found that he was pregnant and that he was a female.

The patient was immediately transferred to the maternity ward on medical advice.

It is reported that the patient who was wearing a shirt and a trouser was given a cloth and a bed jacket.

According to hospital sources, the patient had given birth to a baby boy and the baby is being fed powdered milk since the patient does not have developed breast for breast feeding.

The patient who had male physical features has been working in the area as a three-wheeler driver. It has been revealed that due to hormone imbalance he has behaved as a male.

Further information has revealed that the man was a female at birth and has undergone surgery to remove the breasts

The next steps are to be taken after the information regarding the child is reported to the court.

The Child and Women's Bureau of Matara Headquarters’ Police  is conducting further investigations.

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