Monday, 17 February 2020 - 17:31


Due to the severe heat that prevails during afternoon these days, not only school children but those working outdoors should be careful, the Western Province Ayurveda Health Medical officer and Health officer of the Western Province Ayurveda Department Health Medical Officer S. K. Sanjeewani Silva warns the public.

“There is severe heat from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm in the afternoon these days. Therefore, this period of time is not suitable for tiring external activities which makes one sweat. Not only sports but this is relevant to those working on roads and outside as well.

Alternatives can be followed where school Sports Meets are concerned by holding them over a period of a few days where sports events can be held during a time when there is no strong sun. Rains cannot be expected until the end of March.”

“Therefore those engaged in sports and working in the heat outdoors should drink plenty of water. If not drinks that cool the body should be consumed.

If it is possible to drink water melon, kekiri, nelli, papaya juice, king coconut water etc., it would be a very beneficial thing. Similar to children, adults too should drink at least one and a half litres of clean water which is very suitable.”

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