Rice, coconut, vegetables, eggs and poultry without a shortage

Thursday, 26 March 2020 - 7:36


Former Minister Basil Rajapaksa, Head of the Presidential Task Force, stated that a mechanism to distribute essential food items has been established in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This mechanism, which is jointly operated by the co-operatives and the supermarkets, will be subject to the work that is being carried out by the health authorities to curb the spread of Covid-19 the new coronavirus.

A meeting was held yesterday at the Presidential Secretariat to discuss regarding the provision of essential services to the public.

All the District Secretaries, Heads of Banks and Heads of Government and Private Institutions involved in Essential Food Supply had arrived at many decisions during this discussion.

It was revealed during the discussion that rice, coconut, vegetables, eggs and chicken can be supplied without any shortage.

It was also decided that prescription drugs for patients who have been registered with government hospitals, could be provided to the doorstep,

For this purpose, district secretariats, public health officers and security forces support will be obtained.

Attention was also drawn to purchasing drugs from selected private pharmacies in the future as well.

Heads of commercial banks have been advised to be continue functioning in order to support trade and essential services.

Institutions were also informed on implementing measures to distribute gas cylinders through orders made via phone.

Heads of banks were asked to keep their commercial banks open to facilitate trade and essential business.

A press release issued by the Presidential Media Unit stated that the discussion also focused on building a stable manufacturing economy in the country.

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