Shortage of vegetables at the Manning Market

Thursday, 26 March 2020 - 7:54


Despite the curfew, a large number of vendors have come to the Manning Market to buy vegetables. However, the trader’s association vice president Nimal Attanayake stated that there is a problem due to the inadequate supply of vegetables.

Minister Mahinda Amaraweera stated that the problems faced by those involved in the fishing industry during curfew was resolved.

The Minister said that accordingly the difficulties faced by the fishermen pertaining to fishing, transportation and marketing were addressed.

Attention has been drawn to this matter at the recent party leaders' meeting as well as the cabinet meeting held yesterday.

Minister Mahinda Amaraweera also stated that he had instructed to distribute sufficient fuel to areas populated by fishermen.

Meanwhile, the Navy has taken steps to assist in the distribution of essential commodities from the Sathosa stores.

Accordingly, the Navy has taken steps to assist in the preparation of the items at the Sathosa Wholesale Center, at Enderamulla.

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