A claims card for persons who are daily paid, to buy essential goods

Thursday, 26 March 2020 - 14:51

The Consumer Affairs Authority has imposed a maximum price for selling of essential items, vegetables and fruits at the Manning Market in Colombo.

Accordingly, from tomorrow morning, wholesale traders should sell goods to retail mobile traders at prices that were decided upon today.

The Merchants’ Association President Lal Hettige told the Hiru News Division that these maximum prices have been displayed at the Manning Market.

The reason for these restrictions was that, this morning when sales began at the Manning Market, there were allegations that vegetables were being sold for various price by the wholesale merchants.

A heated exchange of words also took place between traders who had come to purchase vegetables and traders who were selling them at the Manning Market.

Later the Merchant’s Association intervened to solve this argument and Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority Shantha Dissanayake also arrived on the scene.

Subsequent to listening to the comments of the traders, maximum prices were decided upon, and President of the Merchants’ Association Lal Hettige said that no sale of vegetables and other goods will be allowed to be sold beyond the maximum prices determined, from tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Task Force under the leadership of former Minister Basil Rajapaksa which was set up to distribute essential goods, has arrived at several decisions.

This was when the Task Force met yesterday. It was decided then to introduce a claims card for daily paid workers to obtain essential items.

It was also decided to operate a programme under the /Ministries of Trade and Agriculture to go from house to house and sell goods.

The Union of Importers of Essential Goods and Traders’ requested people that since there were adequate stocks of essential food items to last until the month of May, to refrain from buying and stocking goods in quantities which were more than their requirements.

Its President G. Rajendran said that also India was in complete lockdown, it is not an obstacle for the import of goods.

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