The Maha Sangha help a mother who was helpless during the curfew (video)

Thursday, 26 March 2020 - 14:34

An incident was reported where the Maha Sangha helped an elderly mother who was rendered helpless during the curfew, in the present context.

This is what Ven. Madille Pagngnaloka thero who helped this mother had to say:

“A call came in the morning.”

“Aney Hamuduruwane, I found your number from an old newspaper. I am 96 years old. It is a long time since my only son abandoned me. I have a pension. But I have no way of purchasing some goods for myself. I cooked some rice for the afternoon. I have no gravy for that. There is nothing else that I can cook. If possible can you bring me something?”  

“My heart felt seared, I took some of the dry rations we had for our alms together with some more rations from a shop and went to this elderly mother’s home…. Although she was 96 years of age, she still lived alone and was able to get her own work done by herself. There must be so many people, similar to this, at this moment of time. Let us help each other in whatever way we can.”

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