Ven. Madille Pagngnaloka thero says that Sunil Ratnayake has been released (video)

Thursday, 26 March 2020 - 14:31

War hero, former Staff Sergeant who rendered excellent service during saving the country from LTTE terrorism, who was sentenced to death has been released according to Madille Pagngnaloka thero of the Sinhale Organization.

He has made this statement in a video posted on Facebook.

He had been sentenced to death during the reign of the previous government based on the allegation that he had murdered eight persons in the vicinity of the Mirusuvil Army Camp.

Various reports appeared that Staff Sergeant of the Special Army Force Sunil Ratnayake was scheduled to be released on a Presidential Pardon.

The video that Venerable Madille Pagngnaloka thero had released to the Facebook regarding Sunil Ratnayake’s release appears below.

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