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Monday, 05 March 2012 - 18:35
200 who protested against Sri Lanka in Tamilnadu arrested



The Human Rights Watch today rebuked Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council stating that real progress on accountability and justice for victims of abuses by all sides in Sri Lanka can only come through an independent international investigation mechanism.

Human Rights Watch spoke only on Sri Lanka during its allotted three minute period.

They also raised the issue of the disappearance of 2 political activists in Jaffna.

Meanwhile, the United States took another jab at Sri Lanka at the ongoing 19th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council by stating that the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission report does not include any plan to implement those recommendations and that it does not adequately address the crucial issue of accountability.

The US statement by the Delegation of the United States of America Delivered by John Mariz added that based on the recent history of countries that have undergone similar experiences they know that accountability can play an important role in reconciliation process.

He further stated that as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton noted we are prepared to work with Sri Lanka in order to bring lasting peace to the island, US added.

Meanwhile, the controversial British Channel 4 is scheduled to air another documentary on Sri Lanka on March 14th.

It appears that the British television broadcaster is coinciding the broadcast with the ongoing UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva.

Around 200 persons who were staging a protest in front of Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commissioners Office in Tamilnadu demanding India not to support Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council have been arrested.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party of India has stated that it was against any independent, international enquiry into the allegations of crimes against the Sri Lankan government during the military offensive against the LTTE.

Party’s central committee leader T K Rangarajan said that they favor an enquiry by the government itself.

He also stated that it was for the people of the island to decide.

Meanwhile, India’s Daily Pioneer newspaper stated that Almost three years after the Government inflicted a crushing defeat on the LTTE - Sri Lanka is the only country that has been able to defeat and destroy a terrorist organisation.

Under the title “Sri Lanka owes an explanation to none” the editorial said that Western moves to find fault with Sri Lanka must be strongly resisted by other countries.

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