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Tuesday, 13 March 2012 - 18:49
A special statement from India regarding Sri Lanka



The Indian Parliamentary Affairs Minister P.K. Bansal states that the Government of India will make a statement on Sri Lanka this evening.

This was in response to a question raised by a DMK parliamentarian at the Indian parliament.

Speaking further the Indian Parliamentary Affais Minister had stated that the statement on Sri Lanka will be made following a discussion with the Indian Foreign Affairs Minister.

The Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukarji stated today that the the Government of India had not yet decided on acting against any country at the Human Rights Council.

The Indian Finance Minister stated that the decision which will be taken will be informed in the future.

The Indian Finance Minister made this statement in response to a question raised by the Leader of the Indian Communist Party D. Rajah at the Indian State Council.

The Indian Communist Leader had questioned the stance held by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with regard to Sri Lanka.

Apart from it, the Indian Parliament adjourned its proceedings until 12 noon today due to a heated situation which arose during its daily procedures in relation to Sri Lanka.

The Indian media reports pointed out that the Indian State Council too had to be adjourned. 

Several parties including the DMK Party which represents Tamil Nadu had stated in the Indian Parliament that an adjournment debate is necessary on the allegations raised against Sri Lanka.

Indian media reports also point out that the Indian Foreign Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna is scheduled to make a special statement on Sri Lanka at the Indian parliament tomorrow in relation to the Indo-Sri Lanka fisheries issue and the Geneva Human Rights Council.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that although parliamentarians of the DMK Party which represents Tamil Nadu was scheduled to meet the Indian Prime Minister today, it had not taken place.

Yesterday although DMK parliamentarians requested for a meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, the Prime Minister’s Office had not given a response to it.

Indian media reports pointed out that a response was not provided to the request made by DMK parliamentarians due to the heated situation which arose in the Indian parliament yesterday and the pre scheduled important meetings of the Indian Prime Minister which were to be held today.

However, as at present, India’s stance at the Geneva Human Rights Council has become a main topic in both India and Sri Lanka.

Our News Team engaged in a conversation with Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri with this regard.

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