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Widest coverage, fused with superior technology, Hiru TV takes to the airwaves on May 23rd.
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A trailblazer in Sri Lanka’s radio broadcasting industry the ABC radio network is due to launch its maiden television station 'Hiru T.V.' on the 23rd of May.

Hiru TV will stamp its place in the 3 decade history of television in Sri Lanka, as the first station to provide the widest coverage from test transmission stages.

Hiru TV will enter the chronicles of television technology as the country’s first ever Digital ready-High definition television carrier broadcasting with crystal clear image quality.

The ABC media network which perpetually bears in mind the requirements of its audiences committed a daring feat in making the highest capitol investment for a single television station in the country's entire history.

Thereby Hiru TV will combine qualitative programming, stunning High definition image clarity giving its viewers a novel & never before seen television experience.

The technology used by Hiru TV is on par with the technology utilized by global television giants such as Star World.

Fused with its potent combination of quality & clarity, Hiru TV's programming line up is due to take the Sri Lankan television audience by storm, with its vast range of local as well as foreign programming content.

A press briefing was held in Colombo yesterday to inform the media regarding the launch of Hiru TV.

Speaking at the media briefing pioneering visionary, Chairman of the ABC broadcasting network, Rayynor Silva noted that the countries masses will be able to experience an unparalleled television experience through Hiru TV.

Mr. Rayynor Silva also stressed that Hiru TV would enthral its audiences by captivating their hearts & minds & would be fondly welcomed in the same manner as its radio stations, Hiru fm, Gold fm, Sun fm & Sooriyan fm.

Meanwhile speaking at the media briefing Chief Executive Officer and Director of Hiru TV Dammika Tennekoon stated that the picture and sound quality of Hiru TV is of the highest international standards.

Production Director of Hiru TV Viraj Weliwatte was also present at the media briefing.

Speaking on the occasion he stated that Hiru TV will become the television station with the longest running, high quality content tele-dramas.

In order to experience tomorrows television technology today, you our viewers' are able to fine tune your television sets to Hiru TV's stunning test transmission at present.