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Thursday, 30 August 2012 - 19:09
Annual Animal sacrifice of Badrakali kovil put to a halt; JHU to present new bill



It has been definitively decided to halt the Annual Animal Sacrificial ceremony which was slated to be held at the Chilaw - Munneshwaram Sri Badrakali Amman Kovil.

Chief custodian of the Kovil Kalimuththu Sivapada Sundaram speaking to our news team added that the decision to halt the Animal Sacrifice had been collectively reached upon consulting the board of priests at the Kovil, which had been influenced by a request tendered in by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Animal rights organisations as well as the JHU had persistently solicited a halt to the ceremony.

It was subsequent to this that President Mahinda Rajapaksa had requested of the Kovils custodians to halt the sacrifice.

Several protests were held recently, calling for a halt to the sacrificial ceremony.

Moreover the Chief Custodian of the Kovil Kalimuththu Sivapadasundaram

even alleged Minister of Public Affairs Mervyn Silva of issuing death threats against him.

These were the recent comments expressed to our news team by the chief custodian of the kovil in this regard.

When inquired by Minister Mervyn Silva regarding the veracity of the death threats issued against the chief custodian of the kovil, Minister Mervyn Silva noted that he would at any cost take steps to halt the sacrificial ceremony of the Kovil.

The following is Minister Mervyn Silva's statesmen made on that very day.

Subsequent to Minister Mervyn Silva's statement the Chief Custodian of the Kovil noted that the kovil held the required legal provisions to proceed ahead with the animal sacrifice.

Against this backdrop the Inter Religious Association against Animal Cruelty  staged subsequent protests on the 26th of August in the Chilaw town against the proposed animal sacrifice.

Those who engaged in the protest successively engaged in a sathyagraha before the kovil.

Meanwhile taking into consideration the dynamics of the situation, the Chilaw District Courts issued an enjoining order preventing any & all protests & sathyagraha's being held before the kovil until the 2nd September.

The court order was issued upon considering a plaint which had been filed by the Chilaw police.

However addressing a media briefing held in Colombo today Minister of Public Affairs Mervyn Silva asserted that he would not permit the annual animal sacrifice of the kovil to take place as long as he drew breath.

Meanwhile during a meeting convened under the patronage of the custodians of the kovil today, chief custodian of the kovil Kalimuththu Sivapadasundaram stated that a decision had been reached to halt the animal sacrifice of the kovil.

Moreover at a media briefing convened by the JHU, party Provincial Councillor Udaya Gammanpila added that his party hopes to introduce a bill to parliament which proscribes the slaughter of animals.

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