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Friday, 02 November 2012 - 19:32
UNP conveys its stance regarding impeachment to speaker; Assist in the exercise states government



The impeachment to oust Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayeke has been decried by several international civil fronts including the United States of America.

Issuing a release in this regard the International Commission of Jurists states that it has become nearly impossible for people who have suffered serious violations of their human rights to receive justice in Sri Lanka.

Sam Zarifi, the Asia Director of the ICJ which consists of sixty top judges and legal specialists from across the globe, notes that the absence of justice removes an important deterrent to would-be perpetrators.

The 150 page report has been titled Authority without accountability: The crisis of impunity in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile the Asian Human Rights Commission also commenting on the move to oust the countries Chief justice states that the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was a determined attempt for the full realisation of the aim of the 1978 Constitution, which was to give absolute power to the executive president

who now in turn thinks that the opportune moment has arrived to realise the full potential of the 18th Amendment.

Moreover Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has accused the Sri Lankan government of cracking down on the judiciary, a day after ruling party lawmakers moved to impeach the country's top judge.

Amnesty International adds that the crackdown on dissent has extended to lawyers and members of the judiciary who speak out against abuses of power.

In related developments the US ambassador to the UN mission in Geneva, Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, has requested of Sri Lanka to end interference in the judiciary, especially in light of news of the efforts to impeach the chief justice.

Donahoe urged the Sri Lankan government to protect judges, and to restore a fair, independent, and transparent mechanism to oversee judicial appointments.

Speaking at the venue Sri Lanka's special envoy on human rights, Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, told the UN council that impeachment was in line with the nations constitution.

Expressing his views to our news team Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe made the following clarifications in this regard.

However Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi who is amongst the government party MP's who handed over yesterdays impeachment to the speaker of the parliament states that the Chief Justice should file replies to the charges arraigned against her in the impeachment.

Meanwhile General Secretary of the United National Party MP Thissa Aththanayeke has requested of the Speaker to preserve all the rights & benefits of MP's there by ensuring adherence to parliamentary traditions.

Aththanayeke also notes that his party will aid and abet all decisions taken to ensure the independence of the countries judiciary which are equally assisted by the Magistrates & Attorneys societies.

In conclusion General Secretary of the UNP MP Thissa Aththanayeke states that since parliament emulates a court during an impeachment, it was the responsibility of MP's to ensure the chargers levelled there in.

Aththnayeke also noted that discussions in this regard would be convened between the JVP & TNA on the 06th of this month when parliament convenes.

Chief Opposition Whip John Amarathunga who was present during a media briefing convened by the UNP this evening expressed his parties stance in the following manner.

In an opposing move Minister Dullus Alahapperuma addressing a media briefing held this evening requested of all parties to engage in the impeachment exercise against the Chief Justice.

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