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Tuesday, 13 November 2012 - 20:06
One escaped Inmate arrested; 4 more still on the loose. Activities at Welikada return to normalcy from tomorrow



Another inmate who had escaped from the Welikada Prison during last week’s riot has been arrested in the Dehiowita area.

The inmate, Hewabaddage Thushan Saradha alias ‘Channa,’ was arrested by a team of officers from Ruwanwella Police station in Dehiowita .

He had been convicted of a murder which had taken place in Kotte- Madiwela and imprisoned at the Welikada Prison.

The Police media unit stated that 4 more inmates along with 4 weapons belonging to the prison are missing.

The welfare association for prison officers state that two prison officers of the Welikada prison have been suspended for releasing statements to the media during the riot that took place at the Welikada prison recently.

A senior spokesperson of the association stated that a discussion has been scheduled tomorrow with the commissioner of prisons P. D. Kodippili regarding the suspensions.

He further stated that in the event that a favourable response is not received preparations have been made to engage in a trade union action.

However, speaking to our news team Prisons Commissioner General G. W. Kodippili stated that normal procedures will commence at the Welikada Prison from tomorrow and inmates will be taken to courts as well.

Indian Media reports that the Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka has confirmed that the 39 Indians held inside the prison have come to no harm after an observation tour of the prison by officials from the Indian High Commission following the end of the prison riot.

These officials had spoken to the Indian inmates and the Indian High Commission officials had stated that there are some Indian inmates who have exceeded their stay in the Sri Lankan Prison.

In addition Indian media has revealed information regarding the Indo Lanka Prisoner exchange as well which was signed in 2010 regarding the transfer of sentenced prisoners.

According to the agreement signed it makes provisions for transferring convicted prisoners who have served half their sentence back to India, and to Sri Lanka in the case of Sri Lankans held in Indian prisons and under these terms 31 of the 39 Indian prisoners are eligible for transfer.

Meanwhile, various ideas were expressed at press conferences today regarding the incident that took place at the Welikada prison.

Speaking at one such press conference, UNP General Secretary MP Tissa Attanayaka stated that this incident will affect the United Nations Human Rights Council Session scheduled to be held in the near future.

Meanwhile, speaking at another press conference held in Colombo MP Karu Jayasuriya stated that the Prisons Commissioner is acting against the rules and regulations of the prisons.

Our news team inquired from the Prisons Commissioner General regarding the allegations made by MP Karu Jayasuriya

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