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Friday, 07 December 2012 - 19:10
The Opposition and Chief Justice walking out is a ploy - Doubts whether the chief Justice was someone's pawn - Says the Government



Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayaka did not take part in the PSC proceedings after she walked out of the proceedings of the PSC yesterday citing a lack of faith in the PSC.

The 4 opposition members of the PSC had forwarded a letter to the chairman of the PSC stating that the documents numbering in excess of 300 pages which was received by the PSC was given to the Chief Justice at 4.30pm yesterday.

Although her lawyer had requested additional time to study them that request had been denied and the letter stated that these documents were not presented when the impeachment was presented.

Based on these facts the 4 members of the opposition appointed to the PSC presented 4 conditions.

They included a request to present the methodology that will be followed during the investigation, sufficient time for the studying of documents to the PSC as well as the chief justice and her lawyers and that the chief justice should be provided with the privileges according to her post.

The letter also stated that if attention is being paid to these facts the chief justice should be invited to take part in the PSC proceedings once again.

However, it is reported that the chairman of the PSC refused all the proposals stated in the letter and subsequently the 4 opposition members had called a press conference in the parliamentary complex and stated that they are walking out of the proceedings of the PSC.

United National Party MP Lakshman Kiriella and Democratic National Alliance MP Vijitha Herath made the following statements during the press conference.

However, the proceedings of the PSC were being carried out without hindrance by the 7 members representing the government.

Later DNA MP Vijitha Herath stated during the parliamentary assembly that since the PSC is trying to give a one sided verdict all opposition members of parliament are walking out of the house.

Later, members of parliament representing the government convened a press conference and 30 of the 117 members who signed the impeachment motion were present at the press conference.

Speaking at the press conference Minister W. D. J. Seneviratne stated that the Chief Justice and the members of the opposition walking out of the PSC was a ploy and that if needed the chief justice can join the PSC again.

Minister S. B. Dissanayaka also expressed his views during this press conference.

However, the activities of the PSC proceeded without the participation of the members of the opposition today.

The Government Information Department stated that Supreme Court Judge Shirani Thilakawardena gave evidence in front of the PSC today.

Meanwhile, the legal firm of the chief justice Neelakandan and Neelakanda Associates had made a written request to the speaker requesting the investigation to be carried out in front of an impartial panel.

Attorney at Law Saliya Peiris who is representing the Chief Justice had the following to say.

However, the United States Embassy today released a statement saying that it is paying close attention to the proceedings of the impeachment of the chief justice.

The embassy also made a request from the Sri Lankan Government and the PSC to act legally and with transparency.

Our news team inquired from the deputy speaker Chandima Weerakkody with regarding today's proceedings of the PSC.

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