New rules against companies supplying substandard drugs.

Thursday, 03 January 2013 - 8:28



The Health ministry is getting ready to formulate a new code of rules with regard to the mode of dealing with companies supplying sub-standard drugs.

In the recent past the Health Ministry took action with regard to several companies that had supplied sub-standard drugs.

The latest incident reported in this regard was the discovery of a piece of glass in a  vial at the Kalubowila hospital about a week ago.

The Health Ministry yesterday decided to remove the relevant stock of medication from use and inform the Indian Government with regard to the relevant Indian Company.

Last year two companies that had thus supplied sub-standard drugs were blacklisted.

Regulations will be formulated in such a way that if a drug company faces 10 problematic instances with regard to drug production  within three years it would be blacklisted. 

Similarly attention has also been drawn on recovering from the said company 100 per cent of the expenditure the Health Ministry incurred as a result the sub-standard drug.

In addition the Health Ministry said that it had been decided to take action necessary with regard to amending the tender procedure for procuring drugs.

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