Court case pertaining to 8 coconuts withdrawn; Court reprimands media

Monday, 11 February 2013 - 13:16


The court case filed against a 13 year old student who had stolen 8 coconuts amounting to around 320 rupees was withdrawn by the plaintiff today.

Horana Assistant Superintendent of Police Aberathna Dissanayeke filing a motion in this regard informed Horana Magistrate Mahinda Ranasinghe that the plaint hopes to withdraw the case.

The Assistant Superintendent of Police had also informed court that the family of the accused were faced with insolvent conditions.

According to the ASP this fact had been ascertained subsequent to a special police investigation.

ASP Abeyrathna Dissanayeke who had presided over the case had ultimately reprimanded the role of the media stating that media institutions should play a more responsible role when reporting events.


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