Executive presidency cannot be changed suddenly; say Government

Friday, 05 April 2013 - 8:38


The National Movement for a Just Society presented their set of proposals for changing the constitution to the Chief Incumbents of the Asgiri and Malwatta Chapters yesterday.

Several matters including abolishing of the Executive Presidency are included in it.

National Movement for a Just Society Convener Venerable Maaduluwaawe Sobhita Thero presented the said set of proposals to Asgiri Chapter Chief Incumbent Most Venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkhita Thero.

On this occasion Venerable Maaduruwaawe Sobhita Thero stated as follows:


Senior lawyer J. C. WaeliAmuna presented the set of proposals concerned to Malwatta Chapter Chief Incumbent Most Venerable Thibbatuwaawe Sri Sumangala Thero.

The proposed draft constitution was compiled under the leadership of Senior lawyer J. C. WaeliAmuna.


Meanwhile participating in the  media briefing on cabinet decisions held in Colombo yesterday, Anura Priyadarshana Yaapaa said that the constitution could not be changed suddenly.


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