We came not on behalf of Tamil Nadu; says Indian Delegation.

Friday, 12 April 2013 - 8:13


The visiting Indian Parliamentary Delegation and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe held a discussion yesterday.

On this occasion the Indian delegation told the Opposition Leader that during their Jaffna tour they had seen with their own eyes the development activities taking place there.

However the Opposition Leader’s office said that the delegation had told the Opposition Leader that the problems of the people in those areas had still not been properly solved.

In addition the delegation had informed the Opposition Leader that an objective of their tour was also to ascertain the stand of other Sri Lankan political parties.

On this occasion the Opposition Leader had also asked the Indian delegation about the sufferings caused to Sri Lankans in Tamil Nadu.

Responding to this, the Indian Delegation had told the Opposition Leader that they had come to Sri Lanka representing India.

The Delegation had told the Opposition Leader that they were not in any way making their current Sri Lankan tour relevant to Tamil Nadu.

The Opposition Leaders’ office said that it had been emphasized at the discussion that it was important to maintain good healthy friendship between Sri Lanka and India.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Artists engaged themselves in a religious observance of Determination at Independence Square yesterday under the theme “Come ….see the truth”.

On this occasion veteran artists Satischandra Edirisinghe and Raveendra Randeniya expressed their views as follows;




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