UNP and JVP both responsibility for Matale mass grave

Friday, 12 April 2013 - 19:15


Deputy Minister of Economic Development S.M. Chandrasena states that the United National Party as well as the JVP should take on responsibility for the Matale Mass grave.


The minister made this observation while addressing a gathering which was held at his home in Anuradhapura today.


Bone fragments were discovered from the Matale hospital premises on the 23rd of November 2012 when trenches were dug to establish a bio gas unit at the hospital.


The remains of 154 skeletons were recovered during subsequent excavations while the team presiding over the exhumation deemed that the remains dated back to the 1987-1990 era.


The regime in power during this era was the United National Party.


Meanwhile a Presidential Committee was also appointed to carryout investigations into the Matale mass grave.


However the JVP is of the opinion that a special court should be appointed to probe the mass grave, an opinion which was subsequently shared by the United National Party.


In the interim Deputy Minister of Economic Development S.M. Chandrasena accused the UNP as well as the JVP for the Matale mass grave.




In reply UNP MP Ajith P. Perera had this to say.




JVP MP Anura Kumara Dissanayeke also opined on the issue in the following manner.



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