Electricity tariff amendments to take effect from today

Saturday, 20 April 2013 - 8:16



The approved electricity tariff amendments will take effect from today.


The Ceylon Electricity Board stated that the amended tariffs will be added to the bills of the public from today.


The Public Utilities Commission allowed permission for the CEB to increase electricity tariffs.


According to the new tariff rates permitted by the Public Utility Commission, the charge for 40 units of domestic use will be 384 rupees against its previous bill of 244 rupees


The Ceylon Electricity Board charged 3 rupees per unit upto 30 units from domestic consumers earlier and under the new rates, it has been increased upto 5 rupees per unit.


The previous charge upto 60 units 4 rupees 70 cents per unit has now been increased upto 6.00 rupees per unit.                       


The charge upto 90 units which was 7 rupees 50 cents earlier have now been increased upto 8 rupees 50 cents per unit.


The Commission has also recommended charging 34 rupees per unit from 900 units onward.


However, the UNP states that with the increasing of electricity tariffs, the prices of other goods and services will also increase.


UNP parliamentarian Dr. Harsha De Silva had the following to say in this regard.




Meanwhile, several parties including the United Socialist party engaged in a protest against the increase in electricity tariffs by conducting a candle light vigil at the Kochchikade Town.


Secretary of the United Socialist Party expressed the following views in this regard.




However, the Chairman of the PUC Dr. Jayatissa De Soyza stated that the electricity tariffs were increased according to public opinion.



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