MP R. Dumindha Silva leaves hospital amidst massive crowds

Saturday, 27 April 2013 - 19:02



MP R. Dumindha Silva who sustained grievous gunshot injuries to his head left the Nawaloka hospital in Colombo at around 11.30 this morning.


A large crowd of well wishers kept thronging to the hospital since early this morning in order to witness the departure of MP R. Dumindha Silva.


MP R. Dumindha Silva who was admitted to a hospital in Singapore arrived in the island on the 5th of March & was subsequently admitted to the Nawaloka hospital in Colombo.


The security detail in charge of MP R. Dumindha Silva’s safety are said to have put in a large effort to contain the overwhelming number of well wishers & escort MP. R. Dumindha Silva out of hospital.


Expressing his views to the Media prior to his departure MP R. Dumindha Silva added that he was heading towards the Presidential Palace in order to receive the blessings of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.




Several of those gathered outside the hospital to witness the departure of MP R. Dumindha Silva expressed the following views to our news team.




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