Debate on the Adjournment motion moved by the UNP on the increased electricity tariffs today.

Thursday, 09 May 2013 - 13:12


The debate on the adjournment motions moved by the UNP on the increased electricity tariffs will be held in parliament this evening.


Chief Organizer of the Opposition MP John Amaratunga had this to say.





When our news team contacted Deputy Speaker Chandima Weerakkody, he had this to say.




The UNP asked for an adjournment motion in parliament on April 23rd.  


The Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to consider today the proposal the Electricity Board has put forward with regard to the relief President Mahinda Rajapaksa has provided for the electricity bill.


While the Commission was scheduled to carry out this task yesterday, Commission Chairman Dr. Jayatissa de Costa told our news team that it was postponed for today.


The CEB had earlier submitted a proposal to the Public Utilities Commission with regard to the relief the President had granted.


However it had been reported that for consumers of less than 60 units, an electricity bill hike of about 33 per cent had been proposed in the said proposal. 


A  PUC spokesman said that due to this, the proposal had been rejected.


Accordingly the Electricity Board submitted a proposal again.

According to the new proposal the fare charged per unit from zero to 30 units will remain rupees three as it was earlier.


The fare from the 31st unit to the 61st unit inclusive will also remain 4 Rupees and 70 cents as before.


Accordingly the electricity bill up to 30 units will be 142 rupees and 50 cents.


The Electricity Board says that since those using up to 60 units will be charged at the rate of 4 Rupees and 70 per unit, their monthly electricity bill will be 412 Rupees and 50 cents.  


However the corresponding electricity bill before the new revision was 371 Rupees and 50 cents.

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