Police unearth gruesome fate of prisoners held by LTTE

Sunday, 04 August 2013 - 19:26


Police have unearthed information regarding the detention and execution of around 80 Tamils, including Police Inspector T. Jeyaratnam and an Army Captain, by the LTTE at illegal prisons it had operated in the North.

Police media spokespersons offices said Investigations carried out, according to information uncovered from a suspect arrested by the TID, had revealed that these POWs were detained at the LTTE prisons named ‘Alpha-05’ and ‘Alpha-02’ in Vallipunam, Pudukuduirippu  before they were executed.

It was reported that IP Jeyaratnam, who was attached to the Mount Lavinai Division Terrorism Investigation Unit, was abducted by the LTTE in Mt. Lavinia April 20th, 2005.

He was taken to Chilaw in a white van and later by boat from Mannar to Vedithalativu and afterwards to Kilinochchi, where he was detained.

During this period the Army Captain, individuals who had gone against the LTTE as well as LTTE cadres accused of wrongdoing were arrested and detained here.

Around 30 of these prisoners were blindfolded, cuffed and transported in a lorry to the Oddusuddan jungle in May 2006 to be executed and burned.

Another group of 50 prisoners were transported via a lorry and a small bus to the Oddusuddan jungle in July the same year to be executed.

Upon interrogation the suspect had also revealed that IP Jeyaratnam was executed by gunfire in September 2006 at a wooded area located around 300 meters behind a hospital run by the LTTE in Vallipunam, Pudukuduirippu.

The Army Captain had been detained at a camp in Thottiadi, Vishvamadu until he too was executed in 2009.

The statement issued by the Police Spokesman said three more suspects have been arrested in connection with these murders while necessary steps will be taken to inform court regarding the victims and the locations where they were burned for a Magistrate’s Inquiry and further investigations.

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