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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 - 13:08
UPDATE : Video: The exorcist who performed the controversial ceremony in Ambalanthota speaks to Hiru




Our news team managed to contact via telephone, the 16 year old exorcist who performed the controversial ceremony in Samadhigama, Nonagama Ambalanthota.


The exorcist, Rajapakse Pathiranage Gayan, who hails from a region near the Weligama – Midigama lagoon, had arrived at his residence from the Tangalle – Godigamuwa region today.


7 women who were viewing a ceremony which was performed in the Ambalanthota – Nonagama – Baminiyangala, Samadhigama region the night before yesterday, had begun dancing to the beat of drums and continued to act as if possessed after the ceremony concluded which caused the controversy.


The 16-year-old exorcist has been brought to the village temple and residents have assaulted the exorcist.


Later the exorcist has been evacuated from the temple and housed him at Godigamuwa in Tangalle.


However the elder brother of the exorcist has brought his brother home at Midigama in Weligama today.


Speaking to our news team over the phone, 16-year-old exorcist Rajapakse Pathiranage Gayan said that he did not hurt the particular woman but a different exorcist did it.

 UPDATE : Wednesday, 16 October 2013 - 07:11 PM


Nonagama exorcist disappears - 3 out of 7 possessed recovers

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 - 01:07 PM

3 women who were possessed in the Ambalanthota – Nonagama – Baminiyangala Samadhigama region have currently recovered.


Chairman of the Sri Lankan Psychiatrists Association T. N. Widyakulapathi stated that the women recovered after several doctors including him went to the region in question and treated them.


One of the exorcists who had conducted the ceremony last night was brought to the Palugaswala – Dharmaraja Temple based on a request made by the residents of the region to cure the possessed women.


A tense situation arose once the exorcist refused to perform a cure for the possessed women.


Our regional correspondent stated that after the exorcist refused to perform the cure, the residents of the region assaulted him in the temple premises.


Our news team inquired from the Palugaswala – Dharmaraja Temple regarding this and in response the chief incumbent of the temple Venerable Sugathananda thero stated that the exorcists have fled the region and that the residents are continuing to search for them.

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