Video: Government issues necessary visa to controversial Channel 4 film director

Tuesday, 05 November 2013 - 13:22

The government has issued necessary visa to controversial Channel 4 film director Callum Macrae to cover the CHOGM in Colombo.


Media and Information Ministry Secretary Charitha Herath said that Macrae was given visa on the recommendation of the Media and Information Ministry of Sri Lanka.


Macrae produced 2 documentaries of alleged war crimes during the last phase of the war in the North and Channel 4 telecast them at 2 occasions. The third anti-Sri Lankan documentary was arranged to screen in New Delhi tomorrow but Indian government has not given Macrae visa to enter India.


Meanwhile Radio New Zealand website stated that a New Zealand parliamentarian and a Malaysian parliamentarian together with an Australian Senate member will visit Sri Lanka before the CHOGM.


 The Australian Senator expects to submit a special report to its parliament on his visit to Sri Lanka.


His opinion is that the Colombo CHOGM will stand in good stead for peace and development in the Asia Pacific region.


The website further stated that another aim of the tour by the trio in Sri Lanka is to find out the true reasons for Canadian Prime Minister to boycott the Colombo CHOGM.

Update Wednesday, 06 November 2013 - 7:55 PM

No Visa issued for Channel 4 Director

Indian government has denied visa for UK based Channel 4 television Director Callum Macrae preventing his attempt to screen an anti-Sri Lankan documentary in New Delhi.


He had planned to screen the documentary on November 7, and he was expected to arrive in New Delhi tomorrow.


However Macrae told the Times of India that he did not receive necessary visa at that time.


Indian External Affairs State Minister E. Ahamad has stated the External Affairs Ministry does not intervene in issuing visa to individuals but it solely taking place under the general rules and regulations.


Meanwhile Macrae has stated that India’s decision to deny him visa was not acceptable while Sri Lankan government has consented to issue him visa to cover forthcoming Commonwealth Summit in Colombo.


Media and Information Ministry Secretary Dr. Charitha Herath stated recently that a Channel 4 television crew would be given necessary visa to cover CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

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