Clay pot from the Kashyapa era found in the Sigiriya moat

Saturday, 09 November 2013 - 9:44

The officials of the Central Cultural Fund have uncovered a clay pot that is believed to be belonging to King Kashyapa’s era during excavations carried out in the moat in front of the North entrance to Sigiriya.


The director general of the Central Cultural Fund Professor Gamini Adhikari stated that the clay pot was discovered during excavation work that was carried out recently.


Reports state that the clay pot which is full of dirt, is approximately 20 kilograms of weight.


Elaborating further Prof. Adhikari stated that there are plans to conduct excavations on the interior of the clay pot to determine what it originally contained.


Prof. Adhikari also stated that this was the first instance that they had uncovered a completely intact clay pot during excavations that were carried out.

pix by Kanchana Ariyadasa

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