Video :Daham Saviya begins

Monday, 18 November 2013 - 8:31

The first phase of the series of programmes of the revival of all religious sacred precincts called ‘Daham Saviya” implemented under the concept of Colombo District MP R. Dumindha Silva began yesterday on the IL Full Moon Poya Day.

Under ‘Daham Saviya’, the programme of revival of all religious shrines, financial assistance will be provided for developing Buddhist Temples, Catholic churches, Hindu Kovil as well as Muslim Mosques.

The first phase of the ‘Daham Saviya” programme, a concept of Kolonnawa SLFP electorate organiser, Colombo District MP R. Duminda Silva was held at the Angoda Kaelani-mulla Sri Wijeratnaaraama Buddhist Temple yesterday.

After the MP called on Chief Incumbent of the Temple Venerable Kalugalley Dharmaratana Thero, offering of food items to devotees who came to observe ‘Sil” religious precept also took place.

Subsequently MP R. Dumindha Silva handed over to the Chief Prelate  the financial assistance for revival of Buddhist Shrines under the “Daham Saviya” programme.

The second phase of the revival of all religious sacred precincts called ‘Daham Saviya was held at Athurugiriya – Pohrey Ancient Sri Mahaa Buddhist Temple.

After calling on the Sangha MP R. h Silva also met the devotees of the Buddhist Temple.

Subsequently MP R. Duminda Silva offered the ‘Daham Saviya’ financial assistance to Chief Incumbent of the Buddhist Temple most Venerable Rukmaley Dharmakitthi Thero.

Athurugiriya Pohrey Sri Mahaa Buddhist Temple Chief Prelate most Venerable Dr. Rukmaley Dharmakitthi Thero expressing his views on this occasion stated that they greatly appreciate the yeoman service carried out by MP R Dumindha Silva.


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