Vass Gunawardana case is not extraordinary - The Court says that it has one spoon for justice

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 - 12:44

Colombo High Court Judge Lalith Jayasuriya said today that Vass Gunawardana case is not an extraordinary case to the Court.


The Judge made this statement while considering two petitions submitted by Vass Gunawardana’s wife Shamali Gunawardana Perera to obtain bail for husband and her son Ravindu Gunawardana.


Vass Gunawardana and son Ravindu Gunawardana have been in remand custody in connection with the millionaire businessman Mohammad Siyam murder case.


Appearing for the Petitioner, Attorney-at-law Wasantha Pitigala said that Vass Gunawardana was a former high ranking police officer, and would not abscond the Court orders.


However from the prosecuting party, the CID and the Attorney General had not filed objections.


Having informed to file objections on the 27th of January, High Court Judge Lalith Jayasuriya further said that there are no different spoons such as tea spoons and table spoons in his possession.


The judge said in the open Court that he uses ‘one spoon’ for all when it comes to mete-out justice.

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