Video: Chief Organizer positions given back to Range and Ashok; UNP Leadership Council decides to suspend all disciplinary inquiries

Thursday, 21 November 2013 - 19:17

The UNP Leadership Council decided today to suspend all on-going disciplinary inquiries against the party members.


This decision was taken when the inaugural meeting of the Leadership Council was chaired by MP Karu Jayasuriya today.


The Council has also decided to give back MPs Palitha Range Bandara and Ashok Abeysinghe their Chief Organizer positions of the respective electorates.


Earlier Sajith Premadasa and Thalatha Athukorala were appointed to the Leadership Council, but none of them has participated in the Leadership Council meeting today.


However Leadership Council spokesman Kabeer Hashim said the Council discussed today about getting back the two MPs to the Leadership Council.

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