Thursday, 28 November 2013 - 13:00

Within days after arresting, the Customs officials at the Madurai airport arrested another passenger while attempting to smuggle 4 gold biscuits tied in a handkerchief under his left arm.


Joint Commissioner of Central Excise and Customs said that her team of officials recovered the four gold biscuits, each weighing 100 grams and costing approximately 1.23 million rupees from an Indian passenger who arrived from Colombo.


Local police personnel identified the passenger as Naina Mohamed and said he was a frequent flier.


Meanwhile, 56 Sri Lankans who engaged in a massive gold smuggling racket between Sri Lanka and India were arrested on Monday.


Indian media reported that this gold racket was centered among Colombo, Cochin and Chennai.


23 kilo grams of gold worth 60 million rupees have been seized on 3 occasions.

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