Sri Lanka's population rises by 5.4 m within 31 years; 323 people within a - More women than men

Sunday, 01 December 2013 - 19:25
According to the 5 percent sample from last years census, the Population of Sri Lanka is recorded as 2 million 271 thousand 464.

Of this 18.3 percent living in Urban sector, 77.3 percent living in Rural sector and the balance 4.4 percent living in Estate sector.

The Average Annual Growth Rate computed from 1981 to 2012 is 1.0 percent and the population increase from 1981 to 2012 in terms of numbers is 5 million 424,714 which amount to 36 percent increase.

Population Density which is measured by persons per Sq. km was measured at 323 in 2012 while in Colombo it stands at 3417 and turns out to be the most densely inhabited districts.

The overall sex ratio in the country was 94 males per 100 females and indicates that there are more females in Sri Lankan population than males.

According to the 5 percent sample estimates population in the age group 0-17 stands at 30 percent and 70 percent consists of 18 years or more population.

Out of the population aged 15 years or more, 25.5 percent of the population was never married at the time of the Census while 67.8 percent were reported as married.

The widowed percent was reported as 5.4 percent while divorced or separated percentage of population was 1.3 percent.

Physical and mental difficulties of the population due to health in six domains namely seeing, hearing, walking, remembering, self-care and communication stood at 8.6 percent.

Economically active population who were 15 years or more stands at 51.9 percent and the corresponding figure for males and females is 75.8 and 30.0 percent respectively.

Total employment rate stands at 93.1 percent and total unemployment rate stands at 6.9 percent.

Percentage of persons employed in government sector is 1,108,780 which is 15.2 percent of the total employed population.

Results of the 5 percent sample showed that 3.8 percent of population in this age range was reported as ‘No schooling’.

However. 95.6 percent of Sri Lankans are literate and on an average 24.2 percent of 10 years or more aged population reported that they have ability to use computers.

86.9 percent of people can speak Sinhala while 28.8 percent can speak Tamil and 23.8 can speak English.

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