No final decision taken yet on powdered milk price increase - Legal action against hoarders

Monday, 02 December 2013 - 12:54

The Consumer Affairs Authority states that no final decision has been taken with regard to the request of firms to increase the price of powdered milk.

5 firms that import powdered milk to Sri Lanka have submitted applications to the CAA requesting the authority to increase the price of a 1 kilogram packet of milk powder by over 1000 rupees and that of a 400 gram packet of milk powder by approximately 400 rupees.

Recently a firm increased the price of milk powder without the permission of the CAA.

As a result of this, a case has been filed against the firm in question and the case is scheduled to be heard today.

Upon inquiry by our news team, the Director General of the CAA J. M. A. Douglas stated that although the price of milk powder has increased in the world market, there has been no change in other factors that are considered when increasing the price of milk powder.

However, currently there is a shortage of certain brands of milk powder in the market.

We inquired from the Director General of the CAA J. M. A. Douglas regarding this and in response he stated that legal action will be taken against firms that hoard milk powder close to the festive season.


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