Signs of Western and Southern Provincial Councils being dissolved in December; Election to be held in March

Monday, 02 December 2013 - 19:32

Government source state that the Western and Southern Provincial Councils are scheduled to be dissolved during the month of December.

Accordingly the two provincial councils are most likely to be dissolved between the 18th and 26th of December.

According to the Elections Act the elections commissioner has to issue to gazette notice calling for nominations within 14 days of the dissolution of a provincial council.

Thus the gazette notice calling for nominations will most likely be issued within the first week of January.

Hence the election will be held between 5 to 7 weeks from the date the nominations are called for.

Government sources stated that accordingly the election for the Western and Southern Provincial Councils will be held on either the 1st or 8th of March next year.

The election for the two provincial councils will be held according to the 2013 voters list.

Meanwhile, reports state that the government has turned its attention towards dissolving the Uva Provincial Council along with the Western and Southern Provincial Councils.

A government spokesperson stated that a decision in this regard will be taken during the Central Working Committee meeting of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party which will be held before the party general convention.

Although the SLFP general convention is scheduled to be held on the 18th of this month, that may change due to an issue with the scheduled location.

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