High demand for oil beds in Sri Lankan seas

Tuesday, 03 December 2013 - 13:15

The Secretariat for Petroleum Resources Development stated that the new crude oil beds in Mannar and Chauvery Bays were in high demand at the auction.

Petroleum Resources Development Secretary General Saliya Wickramasuriya told our news team that several leading Indian companies are among the bidders.

In addition, a Canadian Petroleum Manufacturing Company Bonvista Energy Corporation has also demanded for oil beds in Sri Lanka.

Indian media reported that O.N.G.C. Petroleum Company of India, several companies of the Netherlands, France, Italy and China’s C.N.C.P. Company have demanded for Sri Lankan oil beds.

The report also stated that the Indian companies are showing great enthusiasm in obtaining oil beds in the Sri Lankan seas.

The oil-beds will be handed over to the selected petroleum manufacturing companies early next year.


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