Sri lanka is not a gold smuggling hub

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 - 19:49

Indian business publication ‘The Economic Times” states that international gold smugglers are using Sri Lanka as the main hub for their smuggling activities.

Elaborating further the article on the Economic Times stated that gold smugglers bring gold in to Sri Lanka from Dubai and then smuggle the gold to India, Thailand and Singapore and that a majority of the gold smuggled are hidden within the human body.

The article further states that between 150 and 200 metric tons of gold have been smuggled into India from Sri Lanka thus far this year.

A number of attempts to smuggle gold from Sri Lanka to India were reported in the recent past.

Information regarding a gold smuggling racket centred around Sri Lanka and India was uncovered on the 25th of last month after 56 Sri Lankans were arrested in India in the possession of 23 kilograms of gold worth 60 million rupees.

However, Director of the Preventive arm and Media Spokesperson of Customs Leslie Gamini stated that Sri Lanka cannot be identified as a gold smuggling centre.

The Sri Lanka Customs decided to take steps to limit the amount of gold an individual can wear when travelling abroad after taking into consideration the current situation.

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