Video: Request to increase price of gas by 700 rupees

Saturday, 07 December 2013 - 13:27

The Consumer Affairs Authority states that two LP Gas firms have submitted requests to increase the price of a cylinder household gas by 700 rupees.
Director General of the CAA J. M. U. Douglas stated that the request has been forwarded to the Price Revision Committee of the CAA.

The Director General further said that the requests have been forwarded to the Price Revision Committee. During December, winter arrives in foreign countries. Since the price of imported gas cylinders increase during this period, the two companies have requested for a price hike.
Meanwhile, Director General of the CAA J. M. U. Douglas also stated that the CAA is ready to take legal action against any firm that increases the price of powdered milk without prior approval.

He further said that they have taken legal measures against one company that increased the price of powdered milk without consent, and will take legal measures against any company attempting to sell imported powdered milk with increased prices.

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