New conditions for migrant workers

Sunday, 08 December 2013 - 13:05

Authorities along with international bodies have reached an agreement to formulate standard service terms focusing on the safety of migrant domestic workers.

This was decided upon at the recently concluded Asia-Gulf states regional dialogue on ‘Standard terms of employment for migrant domestic workers’.

Six Asian states and six Gulf states along with the International Labour Organization, International Organization for Migration and UN Women Affairs participated in the forum.


The main conclusions of the dialogue were the National labour legislation should be in line with international labour laws, contracts should be in a language that is understood by the worker, the worker must be informed of what to do and whom to turn to in case of an emergency.


It was also decided that the worker must be made aware of the facilities available to him/her in the country of destination, the employer must also agree to terminate the service contract after a maximum of two years if the employee wishes to leave his/her place of employment.

In addition to this, the employee has the right to retain all his/her travel documents with him/her at all times.

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