Chairmen of 8 local govt institutions removed - 4 budgets defeated today as well

Friday, 13 December 2013 - 19:07

Three more Chairmen of UPFA controlled local government institutions lost their positions today ranging the number to 8 as budgets of these institutions were defeated at the second voting.

In addition, it is significant that 10 more UPFA controlled local government institutions have already lost their budgets at the first vote taking.

Budgets of the UPFA controlled Matara and Medavachchiya Pradeshiya Sabhas and Kesbewa Urban Council were also defeated at the second vote taking today.

The budget of Medavachchiya Pradeshiya Sabha was defeated with 3 majority votes.  3 members voted for the budget while 6 members voted against.

The budget of Matara Pradeshiya Sabha was defeated with 3 majority votes after 5 ruling party members including the Deputy Chairman voted against the budget.

At the same time, Kesbewa Urban Council budget was also defeated with one vote at the second vote taking today after 9 members voted against the budget.

Meanwhile UPFA controlled Bentara Pradeshiya Sabha budget was also defeated today at its first vote taking ranging the number of defeated UPFA local government institutions to 10.


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