Update : SLFP decision today about Councillors causing budget defeat twice

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 - 19:35

Representatives of UPFA-administered Local Government Institutions with budget defeat occurring twice have been summoned to the SLFP Executive Committee meeting held today.

UPFA general secretary Minister Susil Premajayantha told our news team that a decision about these representatives was scheduled to be taken at the executive committee meeting.

Meanwhile a special code of instructions was issued yesterday to representatives of local government institutions where the budget was defeated for the first time.

Update : Wednesday, 18 December 2013 - 7:48 AM
UPFA General Secretary commences a special meeting

Meetings of several local government institutions controlled by the UPFA heated up today as well when the budgets were presented for 2014.

However a special meeting to discuss the budget defeat of the UFPA controlled local government institutions is being held at the parliament complex.

UFPA sources stated that party general secretary Minister Susil Premajayantha and the UPFA local government institution members who voted against their budgets are participating in this special meeting.


Budgets of the Wattala and Balapitiya Pradeshiya Sabhas for the year 2014 were passed today.


Earlier, UPFA controlled Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha budget was defeated but it was passed with one majority vote today.


8 members voted for the budget while 7 UNP members voted against it. 3 members including the Deputy Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha and the JVP member were not present during the vote taking.


The JVP member had told that he was prevented from attending the vote taking today.


Meanwhile Balapitiya Pradeshiya Sabha budget was passed with 3 majority votes at the second vote taking today.


Nine members voted for the budget while 6 members voted against it.


However 2 UPFA members were absent during the vote taking today.


Meanwhile the Hingurakgoda Pradeshiya Sabha meeting was heated after the Opposition found that the copy of the budget proposal distributed among them was contradictory to that of the original budget presented by its Chairman.


Opposition members told our news team that the Chairman postponed the meeting and left with the officials after the matter was brought to his notice.

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