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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 - 19:15
UPDATE: Video:SLFP to sack their recalcitrant local government institution members

Budgets of several local government institutions were presented today too, and UPFA controlled Attanagalla, Mawanella, Pelmadulla and Kekirawa Palagala local government budgets were passed.

However UPFA member A. Rathnayake of the Matale Ambanganaga Korale Pradeshiya Sabha said that the ruling and opposition members protested when the budget was presented today.

Meanwhile the UPFA controlled Imbulpe Pradeshiya Sabha budget for next year was defeated for the second time with 4 majority votes today.

Deputy Chairman and another 5 UPFA members joined their UNP counterparts to vote against the budget while Chairman Indu Gunatilaka and one UPFA member voted for the budget.

UPFA member Indika Rohana Jayamanne who voted for the budget on the previous occasion has grabbed a file document from the Chairman’s table and run away in protest of not taking one of his proposals for discussion.

Local Government and Provincial Councils Ministry Secretary R.A.A. K. Ranawaka said that the number of UPFA controlled local government institutions which lost their budgets have risen to 9 with the budget defeat of Imbulpe Pradeshiya Sabha today.

Meanwhile the SLFP has decided to take disciplinary actions against its members who voted against their budgets at several UPFA controlled local government institutions.

At the same time, Minister Sirisena said that UPFA members who voted against the party budget will be sacked from the present positions and only those who voted for the budgets will be given positions instead.

Our news team contacted several UPFA members who contributed to defeat budgets to comment on the party decision to take disciplinary actions.

Update : Wednesday, 18 December 2013 - 07:40 PM
UPFA to remove all local government members who voted against their budgets

The budgets of UPFA controlled Ja Ela Urban Council and Dompe Pradeshiya Sabha were also defeated today.

The Dompe Pradeshiya Sabha budget was defeated with 6 majority votes after 5 UFPA members including its Deputy Chairman joined their 9 opposition counterparts to vote against the budget.

Meanwhile Ja Ela Urban Council budget was defeated with 7 majority votes. Except the Chairman, other 5 government members joined their 3 opposition members to defeat the budget.

With the defeat of budgets for Ja Ela and Dompe, the number of budget defeats of UPFA controlled local government institutions has risen to 16; and 8 out of them have been already defeated for the second time; thereby compelling the chairmen of the 8 local bodies to resign from their posts.

Meanwhile the UPFA has decided to appoint new chairmen to the local government institutions of which their budgets were defeated for the second time.

UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha said that the party has decided to pick a member, who voted for the budget, to the new position as it is not mandatory to appoint the Deputy Chairman to fill the vacant post at every time.

Simultaneously, actions will be taken to remove the recalcitrant members of the UPFA coalitions from the party; if they voted against the budget with ulterior motives.

Such decisions of removal will be informed to the respective party secretaries and the Election Commissioner later.

The General Secretary also warned of tough disciplinary actions against its members if anybody will vote against the budget despite the party instructions or coalition secretary’s advice in the future.

Meanwhile SLFP Executive Committee is scheduled to meet at Temple Trees tonight.

UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha said that a decision will be taken about the disciplinary actions against the SLFP members who have already voted with the opposition to defeat the budgets of UPFA controlled local government institutions.
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