Budgets in UNP controlled Passara and UPFA controlled Lankapura defeated

Thursday, 26 December 2013 - 19:20

Another 2 budgets of UPFA and UNP controlled Pradeshiya Sabhas were defeated today.

UNP controlled Passara Pradeshiya Sabha budget was defeated with 4 majority votes when UNP Deputy chairman together with 2 UNP members joined 4 of their UPFA and Upcountry People’s Front counterparts to vote against the budget.

Simultaneously, the budget of the Seetavakapura Urban Council was also defeated in its first vote taking but passed during the second vote taking.

Meanwhile UPFA controlled Polonnaruwa Lankapura Pradeshiya Sabha budget was also defeated today with one vote.

3 UNP members and 6 UPFA members including its Deputy Chairman voted against the budget.

Meanwhile the budget of the Kundasale Pradeshiya Sabha was passed unanimously today.

Kundasale Pradeshiya Sabha consists of 22 members, 14 from the UPFA, 6 from the UNP and 2 from the JVP.

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