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Friday, 27 December 2013 - 19:10
Video : Update : Chemical laced fruits still in the market: CAA issues instructions to the public

Although fruits are required for a healthy lifestyle, questions are being raised whether the fruits in the market are good for human health after a stock of contaminated fruits was discovered from the Manning Market yesterday.

The chemical known as Ethaphone, used to ripen fruits quickly had been applied to the stock of fruits in an improper manner and the Consumer Affairs Authority stated that this chemical is harmful to the human body when improperly applied to fruits.

With the dawn of Christmas and the New Year, there is a high demand for fruits.

However, no one has taken steps to destroy the stock of fruits discovered yesterday and our correspondents who were on scene reported that the fruits were being sold to consumers as usual.

However, speaking to our news team, fruit vendors stated that various chemicals are being used to ripen fruits quickly.

Currently, the chemical ethaphone is being applied to fruits under the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture.

However the CAA states that vendors are using the chemical in an improper manner.

However, the CAA requests the public to be vigilant regarding the ripened state of fruits they are purchasing during the festive season.

Speaking to our news team the Deputy Director of the CAA Asela Bandara stated that vendors have applied various chemicals to rapidly ripen fruit as the festive season approaches and that consumers should be especially vigilant in this regard.

Update : Saturday, 28 December 2013 - 7:25


75,000 kilos of fruit ripened using chemicals found in Pettah

Friday, 27 December 2013 - 19:10

The Consumer Affairs Authority has initiated an extensive investigation regarding the discovery of 75,000 kilograms of fruits which had been ripened using a chemical known as Ethaphone.

The raid was carried out by the Colombo District Special Raid Unit of the CAA this morning and the 75,000 kilograms of fruit was confiscated from the Manning Market in Colombo and the value of the stock of fruit in excess of 10 million rupees and included fruits such as bananas, papaw and mango.

Ethaphone is a chemical used to quicken the ripening of fruits.

However, the CAA states that this chemical should not be sprayed directly on to fruit.

According to the CAA 1 milliliter of the chemical should be mixed with 1 milliliter of water and added to 100 grams of lime powder and then mixed together and applied to fruit.

However, direct application of Ethaphone is harmful to human health.

Speaking to our news team a spokesperson of the Colombo District Special Raid Unit of the CAA stated that Ethaphone had been directly applied to the fruits found during this morning’s raid.

However, speaking to our news team Deputy Director General of the Consumer Affairs Authority Asela Bandara stated that continuous investigations will be carried out regarding the use of chemicals to ripen fruits.
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