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Monday, 30 December 2013 - 13:18
Homagama budget defeated for the 2nd time - Tense situation in Uhana Pradeshiya Sabha

A tense situation reigned in several local government institutions during the vote taking in the last several days.

The Uhana Pradeshiya Sabha was also tensed this morning after its chairman postponed the meeting and left the chambers.

Uhana Pradeshiya Sabha budget was defeated with 5 majority votes during its first vote taking a few days ago.

Accordingly, the second vote taking was scheduled for today, and the chairman had informed the members to be present at 9am to start the meeting.

Opposition members claimed that although they came in time, the chairman did not attend the meeting, and later, an acting chairman was appointed to precede the meeting.

Uhana Pradeshiya Sabha UNP member H.U. Susantha said that the chairman came late, postponed the meeting and went away.

Our news team attempted to contact UPFA Uhana Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Ranjith Ekanayake to comment on the charges but his mobile phone was out of service.

Meanwhile UPFA controlled Dompe Pradeshiya Sabha budget which lost at the previous time was passed unanimously today.

When our news team contacted Dompe Pradeshiya Sabha Opposition Leader Udaya Kumara Jayawardana to comment on the budget, he said that the decision was taken for the benefit of the residents in the area.

Although there are 22 members including 13 UPFA, 8 UNP and One JVP member in the Dompe Pradeshiya Sabha, there were only 8 UPFA and one UNP member present during the vote taking.

However  Dompe Pradeshiya Sabha Opposition Leader Udaya Kumara Jayewardene said that all UNP members had decided to vote for the budget today.

Meanwhile Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha budget was defeated with 2 majority votes during the second vote taking today.

Ten members voted for the budget while 12 members voted against it when it was presented for the second time. One UPFA member abstained from voting while 9 of his fellow members and the Deputy Chairman joined their opposition counterparts to vote against the budget.

Meanwhile Matara Pradeshiya Sabha was presided today by acting Chairman Lasantha Sanjeewa as its Chairman lost his position after the budget for next year was defeated twice.   
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