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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 - 8:11
Video : Meethotamulla garbage heap problem ends: houses for affected in Kollonnawa itself.

A permanent solution has now been found with regard to the rubbish heap at Potuwil-kumbura in Meethotamulla in Kolonnawa which had been a sore to the people for a long time.

That was as a result of Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s focus on it through Colombo District MP R. Dumindha Silva’s intervention.

A media briefing on a proper solution to the problem being found was held at the Paramadharmodaya Buddhist Temple in Waellampitiya yesterday.

That was under the patronage of Chief Incumbent of the Buddhist Temple and Patron of the People’s Movement against the Meethotamulla rubbish heap Venerable Vitiyagala Kavidhaja Thero and MP R. Dumindha Silva.

From a long time the residents had said that they had been severely inconvenienced by the garbage heap at Potu-wilkumbura in Meethotumulla in Kolonnawa.

As a result of this many houses in lot number 23 and Dahampura in Meethotamulla too subjected to a risk.

That was due to the inability to withstand the pressure caused by the caving in of the rubbish heap.

It is due to this that the area including Dahampura and lot number 23 gets flooded.

In April last year the residents also staged a satyagraha blocking the road leading to the rubbish heap requesting that a clear solution be given to this problem they faced.

Discussions held with the Colombo Municipal Council officials with regard to the rubbish heap earlier also were unsuccessful.

Subsequently while Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s attention was drawn on this through Colombo District MP R. Dumindha Silva intervention, the Defence Secretary gave an opportunity to the residents for a discussion day-before-yesterday.

Expressing his views about the subject yesterday Waellampiiya  - Parama Dhar-modaya Buddhist Temple Chief Incumbent and People’s Movement against the Meethotamulla rubbish heap Patron Venerable Vitiyagala Kavidhaja Thero stated as follows:

Participating in the occasion Colombo District MP R. Dumindha Silva said that the promise Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had given would definitely be fulfilled.

On this occasion the MP stated further that action would also be taken in three months to stop garbage being transported from Colombo to Meethotamulla.

Waellampiiya  - Parama Dhar-modaya Buddhist Temple Chief Incumbent Venerable Vitiyagala Kavidhaja Thero requested the MP to be with the people in all these activities.

On this occasion MP R. Duminda Silva attested that he was always with the people.

Meanwhile Venerable Vitiyagala Kavidhaja Thero paid tribute to MP R. Dumindha Silva for having taken action to reconstruct houses for those whose houses had been destroyed by a sudden fire at Naagahamulla in Waellampitiya.

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