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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 - 13:07
Video: Update : Discussion between University Administration and Student Representatives end inconclusively

The discussion held today between the administration of the Kelaniya University and student representatives regarding hostel issues of a group of students concluded without a solution.

Speaking to our news team the president of the Kelaniya University Student Association Kingsly Gunarathne stated that still approximately 300 students are quartered in the university canteen.

However, the administration of the Kelaniya University stated that they are working on finding a location that is suitable for a student hostel.

Approximately 2000 students studying in the Kelaniya University have currently been given hostel facilities.

Speaking to our news team Registrar of the Kelaniya University, W. M. Karunarathne stated that the administration is working to provide students with hostel facilities in an expedient manner.

The group of students of the social science, humanities and management faculties quartered themselves in the university canteen since Monday claiming that they do not have hostel facilities.

In addition a temporary shed was also erected outside by the Kelaniya University Student Association for the safety of these students.

Update : Wednesday, 05 March 2014 - 8:11

Kelaniya University female students who forcefully stayed in its canteen commence discussion with University administration.

Kelaniya University student representatives and University administration are holding a discussion over a group of female students’ hostel problem.

However 300 female students attached to the faculties of Social Science, Humanities and Management have been staying inside the University canteen since Monday evening.

Members of the Students Union set up a makeshift tent outside the canteen for the protection of the 300 students.

Students Union President Kingsley Gunarathne claimed although there are spare hostel facilities, these students were denied of hostels.

When our news team contacted Director of Students Affairs Dr. Anura Karunarathna said that priority has been given to first year and final year students when allocating hostel facilities.

The students who are staying in the Canteen are belonging to the second, third and final year students.

Meanwhile Colombo University was also unable to begin lectures for its new recruits due to hostel facility problem.

When our news team contacted Colombo University Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Premakumara de Silva said arrangement have been made to open the university for new students on the 24th of this month.

Our news team also contacted Deputy Higher Education Minister Nandimitra Ekanayake to comment on the hostel problem which is agitating in several universities.

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