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Monday, 10 March 2014 - 8:02
Update :Video: Wife who was critically injured in the Katharagama arson incident gives a statement before her death.


The wife who died of burn injuries after her husband set ablaze their house in Kanda-surindu-gama, Rajamawatha, Kataragama has given a statement to police before her death.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana told a media briefing in Colombo today that the victim from her death bed had given the statement to a hospital police constable.

According to her statement, following a prolonged family dispute, a husband had stabbed his wife and had set fire to the house yesterday.

A 3-year old girl who was also caught in the fire died at the Karapitiya teaching hospital this morning and her bed-head ticket revealed stab injuries to her body.

The 29-year old culprit and his 71-year old mother-in-law burned to death while the 33-year old wife who suffered critical injuries died after admittance to the Kataragama hospital.

Hospital sources said that the man’s father-in-law is still receiving treatment at the Hambantota hospital while his disabled sister-in-law has been discharged from the Kataragama hospital this afternoon.

UPDATE : Monday, 10 March 2014 - 07:24 PM
3 year old girl dies after arson incident in Katharagama. Mother and Daughter believed to be stabbed before the arson.

The 3-year old girl who was under treatment after an arsenal attack on her house at Kanda-surindu-gama in Raja-mawatha Kataragama died at Karapitiya teaching hospital this morning.

Police Media Spokesman said that the death toll followed by this incident has increased to 4.

Following a prolonged family dispute, the house owner had stabbed his wife and put his house on fire later around 9.30pm yesterday.

The 29-year old house owner and his 71-year old mother-in-law burnt to death on the spot while the 33-year old wife who suffered critical injuries died after admittance to Kataragama hospital.

After the incident, the house owner’s father-in-law, the disabled sister-in-law and his 3-year old daughter were admitted to Kataragama hospital with critical injuries.

Later the father-in-law and the 3-year old girl were transferred to Hambantota hospital.

As the condition of the girl turned worse, she was transferred to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital early this morning.

However a Karapitiya Hospital spokesperson said that the girl’s bed-head ticket revealed of some stab injuries in her body. 

Update : Monday, 10 March 2014 - 13:14
Husband, wife and her mother killed by an act of arson at a house in Katharagama: 3  seriously injured

Three persons are reported to be dead and three more are injured when an individual set himself and his house on fire in Kataragama.
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