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Sunday, 30 March 2014 - 19:52
Ruling party UPFA secures victory in Western and Southern Provincial Polls

The United People’s Freedom Alliance was able to secure a successful victory in the Western and the Southern Provincial Council elections.

The UPFA obtained one million and 363 thousand 675 votes to secure 56 seats in the Western Provincial Council. UNP obtained only 679 thousand 682 votes to claim 28 seats.

The Democratic Party obtained 203 thousand 767 and won nine seats while JVP obtained 56 thousand 208 votes to secure six seats in the Western Provincial Council.

In addition, Democratic Peoples Front has secured two seats while Sri Lanka Muslim Congress won one seat in the Western Provincial Council.

Although UPFA secured 68 seats in the Western Provincial Council election in 2009, the party has lost twelve seats while UNP also lost two seats from its previous 30 seats secured in the 2009 election.

Meanwhile JVP which won only three seats in 2009 has secured six seats in this election and the SLMC which won two seats in 2009 has lost one seat in this election.

However having secured nine seats, Democratic Party which contested an election in the Western Province for the first time has shown a great achievement.

The UNP was able to secure power of five seats in the Colombo district including Colombo Central, Borella, Colombo East, Colombo West and Colombo North.

However the power in all other seats in the Gampaha and the Kalutara districts were secured by the UPFA.

The UPFA obtained 443 thousand 83 votes this time against its total votes of 530 thousand 370 votes in 2009 from the Colombo district. Accordingly UPFA has lost 87 thousand 287 votes from the Colombo district in this Provincial Council election.

When comparing to their total votes of 285 thousand 538 to that of 327 thousand 571 votes in 2009, UNP has also lost 42 thousand 33 votes this time.

Meanwhile UPFA has obtained 582 thousand 668 votes from the Gampaha district this time as it has lost 41 thousand 862 votes to that of their total votes secured in the Provincial Council election in 2009.

However UNP has been able to increase their total votes of 236 thousand 256 in 2009 to 249 thousand 220.

UPFA also secured power in the Kalutara district as well by obtaining 337 thousand 924 votes. However it is also a drop of 13 thousand 291 votes when comparing to their total number of votes 351 thousand 215 in 2009.

However UNP has increased the number of votes in the Kalutara district this time by 20 thousand 498 votes. The party secured 124 thousand 426 votes this time against its total votes of 144 thousand 924 in 2009.

Meanwhile UPFA has secured the power in all the three districts in the Southern Provincial Council by obtaining 699 thousand 408 votes.

But the UPFA obtained 840 thousand 71 votes in the 2009 Provincial Council election and it is a loss of 46 thousand 63 votes in this time.

However UNP has secured 13 thousand 231 more votes this time against its total votes of 297 thousand 200 votes secured in 2009.
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