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Tuesday, 22 April 2014 - 18:58
SLFP General Secretary arrives at Western Provincial Council Complex prior to maiden session: Video

SLFP General Secretary Minister Maithreepala Sirisena had given instruction regarding the election of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman for the Western Provincial Council today.

Accordingly Western Provincial Councilor Sunil Wijerathna was elected as Chairman with 23 majority votes while Yasapala Koralage was elected as Vice Chairman.

UPFA PC minister Ranjith Somawansa proposed Sunil Wijerathna’s name while Opposition Leader Manju Sri Arangala proposed U. George Perera’s name for the post of Chairman.

At the same time, UNP councilor Niroshan Padukka proposed the name of UPFA member Mahesh Almeida for the post of Chairman.

Later UPFA member Mahesh Almeida refused to contest and a secret vote was called to elect a chairman.

At the end of the secret vote, Sunil Wijerathna obtained 60 votes while his rival UNP councilor U. George Perera obtained 37 votes.

Our news team contacted UNP member Niroshan Padukka regarding his move to propose UPFA member Mahesh Almeida to the post of Chairman and he said that Mahesh Almeida wanted to win the post earlier.

Upon inquiry by our news team Western Provincial Councillor Mahesh Almeida stated that the opposition is trying to create an issue within the ruling party using this issue.

Meanwhile Yasapala Koralage was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Council in the secret vote today.

His name was proposed by former WPC minister Jagath Ang-ga-ge.

Rival to the UPFA proposal, Democratic Party member Indika Bandara proposed his fellow member Susil Kindelpitiya’s name as Vice Chairman.

A secret vote was held later and Yasapala Koralage won the post with 28 majority votes.

Koralage received 61 votes while Kindelpitiya won obtained 33 votes.

The sessions of the sixth Western Provincial Council were inaugurated with the patronage of Governor Alavi Moulana this morning at the Provincial Council Complex in Battaramulla.

Our correspondents also said that several members took oath today in the presence of the Governor before Council sessions began.

Meanwhile Royce Fernando who has been elected a member from the Gampaha District while in remand prison was taken for the inaugural sessions amid police protection today.

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