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Monday, 12 May 2014 - 21:50
I was shot as a result of a conspiracy; Everything will be revealed to the country soon - MP R Duminda Silva

1 . Question: How is your condition now?

Answer: Ever since the day I was shot, thousands of people in the Colombo District carried out Bodhi Poojas and held many religious observances in Kovils, Mosques, Churches etc.  invoking blessings on me  for a speedy recovery.  Thanks to their blessings, I was miraculously able to survive and recuperate soon.  The wounds are now fully healed, thanks to the blessings and I can serve the needy people once again.  I must thank profusely the Sri Lankan Doctors and the staff of Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital and the Singaporean Doctors for saving my life from such a life threatening injury.

2. Question: What do you think of politics in Sri Lanka?

Answer: This is the Golden era of Sri Lankan politics. His Excellency The President Mahinda Rajapakshe was able to eradicate terrorism, which plagued our country for the past 30 years, which task so many other Presidents failed to achieve.  He has given us a country where we can breathe freely once again.  Development is carried out in every nook and corner of the country. What else is required?

3. Question: Did you join the Alliance from the UNP to protect the property of your brother?

Answer: Never! There was no such necessity. I joined the Alliance to serve people and the country and that was a timely decision I had to take in the best interest of the people and the country.  I as a politician, who is always with the public, took that decision because I strongly believed that I can serve the public better under the astute leadership of His Excellency The President Mahinda Rajapakse.  It has now proved that the decision I took at that time was absolutely appropriate and most prudent.  7 years out of 10 years of my political career I was with the People’s Alliance as a member of the SLFP.

During my political career, I faced 3 elections and obtained the highest number of preferential votes in each and every election.  2 out of the 3 elections I won was as a member of the UPFA
Alliance.  In 2009 I contested the Provincial Council Elections under the UPFA ticket and came first in the Colombo District, obtaining the highest number of preferential votes of 165,128.
In 2010 I contested the General Election from the UPFA and once again came first in the Colombo District, obtaining the highest number of preferential votes in the Colombo District for an SLFP member.  I obtained 146,336 preferential votes, obtaining more votes than Cabinet Ministers in the process.  Therefore, it is irrelevant to question me now, on my initial short term relationship with the UNP.  

4: Question: What do you think of Violence?

Answer: I vehemently reject all forms of violence. No one can achieve or win anything through violence.

5. Question; Hirunika is stating that you are responsible for Bharatha’s murder?

Answer: This matter is currently before the courts. As a person who respects the law and who believes in the judicial process, I do not wish to talk about the topic at this juncture.  However, I must stipulate one thing. As revealed during the legal proceedings, I was shot first in the head by Bharatha’s Ministerial Security Division Officer.  When I fell down, Bharatha had run away from the scene and taken cover behind the jeep.  Subsequently, my security had returned fire to protect and take me to the hospital.  

The Ministerial Security Division officer who shot me is now free without judicial action instituted against him but I have been framed with charges.  The finger has been pointed at me because I am a politician.  I am of the opinion that the Media is also responsible for this as the media always reports based on the presumption that the politician is always wrong.  Since you raise this question, I must also state that I am reluctantly compelled to believe that the media propaganda has deceived and misled the Attorney General’s Department.  However, one must realize that through such media blitz, it will be most difficult to mislead the Judiciary or the Honourable Judges.

Think of the obstacles Lord Buddha had to face! Nalagiri tusker was sent to attack the Buddha after giving toddy, a prostitute was sent after strapping fire wood around the stomach. But Lord Buddha never faltered. Buddha continued on his path.

Even Jesus Christ had to face many challenges. Subsequently, Jesus Christ emerged through the challenges.

Our President who protected our Motherland also faced many challenges successfully and still continues to do so.  The President never took a step back and continues to serve the public undeterred whatever challenges that may come his way.  I continue  my political path, taking such noble characters and their charisma as  examples.  There is a Dhamma Padaya that says a rock is never shaken by wind – similarly intelligent people will never falter when criticized or praised.  I live my life in that manner!

6. Question: Were police investigations carried out regarding the Ministerial Security Division Officer who shot you?

Answer: One must ask that question from the police? When recruiting personnel to the MSD a special training is given to police officers.

I am a Parliamentarian and also the Monitoring MP for the Defense Ministry.  An MSD officer never has the power to shoot a Parliamentarian.  For him to have such an audacity there is definitely a huge conspiracy behind this incident. I will reveal to the country in the near future as to who was behind this conspiracy to assassinate me!

7. Question: Some allege that you are involved in Drug business?

Answer: It is good you raised that question. Politicians in our own party who are fighting for preferential votes are the ones who are spreading this false rumor.  I am engaged in my politics to serve the innocent public.

I am the only Parliamentarian who is with innocent people of the Colombo District including  those who live in Shanties.  I help them to live a better life, serving and devoting time in their interest day and night.  I always try to find solutions to their burning social and economical issues.  Nevertheless, those who have overestimated oneself working in air-conditioned comfort never bother to look after these innocent people but humiliate them because of their living environment. Those who live in Colonies are labeled as Drug addicts. Because I try to help those who live in these environs, they sling mud at me, especially our own party members.  No one  can make me take a step backwards by these low level tactics and I will continue to help these people.  I fervently condemn such people who stoop so low to insult innocent people.

During election time, Politicians flock and go to these people but after an election they are abandoned and are kept in the lurch. I’m always with the public. Therefore, I don’t have to prepare for an election anew.  Helping needy people is a quality that I acquired and relished from my childhood. I did that in the past, I am doing it now and I will continue to help the innocent in the future too.  I have a rich family back-ground and have no necessity to resort to drug or ill earned money.  My Father is the Managing Director of many reputed Companies in Sri Lanka.  He also serves as a Director in numerous other Companies and is a Chartered Accountant by profession.
My elder brother is the Chairman and owner of the largest Media Network in the country.  My other brother is managing one of the top 10 apparel companies in the Country. One of my Sisters has a Doctorate from a University in Australia. My youngest sister is married to the owner of Garment Factories.  Founder of Velona and its Chairman, former Parliamentarian from Moratuwa late Mr. Ruskin Fernando is his Grand Father while late Sir Henry Charles De Soysa is his Great Grand Father, a Philanthropist who donated Soysa Maternity Hospital, Eye Hospital, Lunawa, Marawila, Panadura Hospital, Moratuwa Stadium, Prince and Princess of Wales schools etc.

My Grand Father late Mr Alphonsus Silva was a Planter and then joined the Government service as a D.R.O. and then a D.L.O. and was educated at St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa.  My Father’s Grand Father late Arumadura Victor Silva was popularly known as “Victorie Mudalali” was a landed proprietor owning large extents of Coconut, Rubber and Cinnamon land in Kalutara and Kalumulla area.  My Grand Father had three brothers one of whom was a Medical Doctor, another was a leading Attorney at-Law and the other was the Chairman of U.C. Kalutara.  They were all educated in the early 1990’s at St. Benedict’s College, Colombo.
My Grand Mother’s Father was late Mr. A.A. Silva from Ratmalana who was a landed proprietor owning considerable extent of land and houses.  His brother was the Grand Father of the SLFP stalwart former Minister late Kingsley T. Wickramaratne.

My Mother’s Father is late Lucien Ukwatta Liyanage. He was an old boy of St Thomas’s College, Mt. Lavinia and served the Sri Lanka Military Police during the 2nd world war in Singapore.  His father is a descendant from Matara – Ukwatta Walawwa. His brother is late Most Venerable Aththadassi Thero, Chief incumbent of the Galle Manthinda Pirivena who had  donated his entire wealth and land to the Temple and Rahula College.  My Mother’s Grand Mother was Charlotte Alexandria Pinto Jayawardene de Alwis of Mt Lavinia who is a close relative of the first Sri Lankan Governor – General Sir Oliver Gunathilaka.  I can only laugh when they refer to the money I spend for the poor people as drug money. If I was not a Politician, they would have called me a philanthropist because of the way I help the needy.  The main reason for these false character assassinations and mudslinging is the preferential vote issue and my immense popularity with the so called downtrodden society, which sector I believe should be helped to shed their poverty and lead comfortable lives.    

8. Question: Did residents of Wanathamulla hoot at you because they rejected you?

Answer: You come with me to go to Wanathamulla area now and see to yourself if they reject me.  It is the UNP and the JVP who were behind this particular incident.  They aroused the public. Wanathamulla people never hooted at me. They were the henchmen of UNP and JVP.  After that incident thousands of people from Wanathamulla came to me and dissociated themselves with the incident. They told me the truth. They requested me not to corner them because of the incident. I told them not to panic as I am aware of those political culprits. That is the nature of politics in Sri Lanka.

9. Question: What have you done to the public through politics?

Answer: I am the UPFA Parliamentarian who is loved most by the people of the Colombo District.  If I did nothing for the people will I receive 165,000 preferential votes!  If you ask anyone in the Colombo District may it be old or young or even a child, they will tell you what service I have done for them.  Shanty dwellers are suffering with leaking roofs with no proper space for everyone to sleep. There is only one toilet for more than 300 people.  Drains flow through houses; some houses get flooded for the slightest rain.  The children are prone to all kinds of diseases with no finances for medication.  Do you believe that some people in Colombo try to survive with only about 50 rupees per day?  I get on with such people. I try my level best to make their lives economically better.  The housing complex project was launched under the guidance of His Excellency The President Mahinda Rajapakshe and implemented through the directions of the Defence Secretary – Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakshe.

His Excellency The President Mahinda Rajapakse is aware of the difficulties faced by these innocent people.  That is why he decided to initiate the housing projects with all the facilities for the wellbeing of these people.  Since I am always with the people, the Defence Secretary decided to choose me to lead the cause.  Since the opposition knows that they will not receive a single vote if these housing projects are successful, as already evident, they will attempt to mislead the public and disrupt the progress.

When the opposition was trying to misguide the people on the concept of the housing project, I went to the people and explained matters to them. The people realized the situation and today they live happily in these houses thanking His Excellency The President and the Defense Secretary.  I also derive happiness as well because of the success of these projects where these people now live in a comfortable and decent environment. Therefore, it is wise to ask the public what I have done for them, rather than asking me what I have done for them. 

10. Question: Are you against the Casino bill or not?

Answer: His Excellency The President has clearly stated that casinos will not be established. Therefore there is no need to panic. Even if there were to be casinos in the proposed hotels, only foreigners can play casino.  Sri Lankans will not be allowed entry. Media has not reported all the details properly.  If Sri Lankans cannot enter these hotels how can local girls work as prostitutes as alleged by the opposition.  There is no such issue. This is a false image created by the opposition.  However there are race by race betting centers island wide. How many of our innocent mothers and children suffer as a result of this? But no one is talking about it.  Opposition is only worried about foreigners playing casino and has failed to realize the damage caused to society as a result of race by race betting centers. They are just trying to create a fear psychosis.

11. Question: What do you think of the statement made by Minister Wimal Weerawasne to the effect that he will resign from the Government?

Answer: That is his democratic right! Our Alliance is a democratic alliance.  Anyone has the right to express their opinion. Since there is no opposition with a back bone that gap too has to be filled by the governing party.
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