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UPDATE: 41 arrested in connection with Aluthgama incident; 25 remanded.-Video 
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 - 12:59 | Download hirunews app on Android & Apple
Police curfew will continue further in Beruwala and Aluthgama areas.

In addition security forces have also been deployed in Aluthgama, Welipenna, Darga Town, Beruwala and Maggona areas at the request of police.

Police temporarily lifted curfew in the area from 8am to 12 noon today to enable residents to attend to their essential daily needs.

Police Media Spokesman stated that no incident was reported during the slack period.

Meanwhile Army Media Spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuriya explained to our news team about the security detail in the area for public safety.

At the same time police media spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said that 41 persons were arrested for breaching curfew and unruly behavior.

Meantime Chief Prelate of Sri Lanka Amarapura Nikaya Dr. Davuldena Gnanissara Thera has issued a notice with regard to the incidents in Beruwala and Aluthgama.

The Nayake Thera stated that Buddhists should live in harmony with their fellow citizens irrespective of race and creed.

The Thera further stated that if there is an issue, compromise is the best solution to settle such problems.

Meanwhile UN Human Rights Commissioner Navaneedan Pillai, US Embassy in Colombo and Canada also issued notices after the Aluthgama and Beruwala incidents.

The three offices also requested the government to bring the culprits of the incidents to book.

At the same time, Australia issued a new travel advisory to its citizens and informed them to follow the instructions given by local authorities while police curfew is imposed.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 17 June 2014 - 07:05 PM

Police curfew in Beruwala & Aluthgama re-imposed from 12 noon - 10 arrested for violating curfew.

Police curfew has been re-imposed in Beruwala and Aluthgama areas.

Police temporarily removed curfew in the area from 8am to 12 noon today to enable residents to attend to their essential daily needs.

Police Media Spokesman stated that no incident was reported during the slack period but 10 persons who breached curfew were arrested by police and remanded yesterday.

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